Liberato J. A. DiDio

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The incidence of bridges of myocardium seen on the external surface of the heart, through the epicardium, over portions of coronary arteries and their branches, was studied in 50 cadavers and found to be 78%. The bridges of the myocardium varied in size and in number (from one to six). Their location was predominantly found at the level of the anterior(More)
Two anatomicosurgical segments of the human pancreas were recognized in 30 corrosion casts after injection of the pancreatic arteries thus confirming prior anatomico-surgical studies. The right (cephalocervical) and the left (corporocaudate) segments of the pancreas are separated by a paucivascular area. They are linked by the pancreatic duct and often by a(More)
The cardiac apex was defined and 3 types were presented: the anatomical apex, the base of which was established at the incisura apicis cordis; the amplified anatomical apex, twice the volume of the preceding; and the geometric apex, the distal third of the ventricles. These types of cardiac apex were studied in connection with the superficial branches of(More)
The volume of the encephalic ventricles was determined from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Since there are many conditions in which the encephalic ventricles become enlarged such as Alzheimer's disease and hydrocephalus, accurate measurement of the ventricles provides a valuable and safe means of aiding the diagnosis of such conditions and also(More)
The structure of the yolk syncytial-endoderm complex of the preimplantation yolk sac of the shark is examined by light- and transmission electron microscopy. The yolk syncytium is bounded by a membrane that is anchored to the plasmalemma of adjacent endoderm cells by desmosomes. Enlarged nuclei, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complexes, mitochondria,(More)
l 'incidence rEelle des cEtes vestigiales et des POA. Cela peut 6tre dO aux crit~res de selection et au fair que certains POA ont pu passer inaper~us en raison de la faible resolution des petits ossicules dans les series abdominales, ou parce que les scanners passant h mi-hauteur du corps vertEbral n'ont pas Et6 utilisables dans tous les cas. Ces(More)
A rare case of myocardial bridge over the trunk of the right coronary a. is described in the heart of a male, adult, Caucasian, Brazilian, whose death occurred after an automobile accident. After a review of the literature, the unusual finding is described and illustrated. Other bridges on the beginning of the right marginal a.; the right anterior(More)