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A file server provides remote centralized storage of data to workstations connected to it via a communicatmn network; it facilitates data sharing among autonomous workstations and support of inexpensive workstations that have limited or no secondary storage. Various characteristics of file servers and the corresponding implementation issues based on a(More)
A control abstraction called atomic action is a powerful general mechanism for ensuring consistent behavior of a system in spite of failures of individual computations running in the system, and in spite of system crashes. However, because of the ``all-or-nothing'' property of atomic actions, an important amount of work might be abandoned needlessly when an(More)
The repository described in this paper is a component of a distributed data storage system for a network of many autonomous machines that might run diverse applications. The repository is a server machine that provides very large, very reliable long-term storage for both private and shared data objects. The repository can handle both very small and very(More)