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The pore and gate regions of voltage-gated cation channels have been often targeted with drugs acting as channel modulators. In contrast, the voltage-sensing domain (VSD) was practically not exploited for therapeutic purposes, although it is the target of various toxins. We recently designed unique diphenylamine carboxylates that are powerful Kv7.2(More)
We review reports of brain activations that occur immediately prior to the onset or following the offset of to-be-remembered information and can predict subsequent mnemonic success. Memory-predictive pre-encoding processes, occurring from fractions of a second to minutes prior to event onset, are mainly associated with activations in the medial temporal(More)
We aimed to find out whether the Hastings bipolar prosthesis moved in a bipolar fashion after its use for displaced fractures of the femoral neck. In 65 patients non-weight-bearing movement was assessed radiographically and compared with an earlier study of the Monk prosthesis. In 70% of patients, the only movement was between the acetabulum and the(More)
In this study, the effect of the organic micropollutant and known inhibitor of nitrification, p-cresol, was investigated on the metabolism of the ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) Nitrosomonas eutropha C91 using MS-based quantitative proteomics. Several studies have demonstrated that AOB are capable of biotransforming a wide variety of aromatic compounds(More)
Following replacement of the femoral head with the Monk hard-top 'duo-pleet' prosthesis, radiological studies show that movement of the replaced hip takes place between the acetabulum and the metal shell and between the high density polyethylene cup and metal ball. Movements improve with the passage of time. The two sites of movement may contribute to a(More)
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