Liat Nachshon

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BACKGROUND The outcome of mechanical ventilation in elderly patients should be evaluated by integrating survival rates with functional state over time after the ventilation episode. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to measure the survival rate and functional state of elderly ventilated patients and to present an integrated analysis of both outcome(More)
BACKGROUND Most reports in the medical literature on food allergy mortality are related to peanut and tree nut. There is limited knowledge regarding these reactions and often only a partial medical history is described. OBJECTIVE To record and characterize all known cases of mortality due to food allergy in Israel occurring during the period 2004-2011. (More)
INTRODUCTION Many mechanically ventilated elderly patients in Israel are treated outside of intensive care units (ICUs). The decision as to whether these patients should be treated in ICUs is reached without clear guidelines. We therefore conducted a study with the aim of identifying triage criteria and factors associated with in-hospital mortality in this(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with IgE-mediated cow's milk allergy who are nonreactive to baked milk (BM) can be desensitized with BM to promote tolerance to unheated milk (UM). OBJECTIVE We sought to test whether patients who are BM reactive can progress in BM oral immunotherapy (OIT) and become desensitized to UM as well. METHODS Fifteen patients (>4 years) who(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with asthma and food allergy comprise a high-risk group for life-threatening reactions at accidental exposure. OBJECTIVE To examine the course and long-term outcome of patients with asthma completing milk oral immunotherapy. METHODS Children at least 6 years old with (n = 101) and without (n = 93) asthma and IgE-mediated cow's milk(More)
BACKGROUND Reactions during the home treatment phase of oral immunotherapy (OIT) are not uncommon. An ongoing accurate reporting of home treatment outcomes is crucial for the safety and success of OIT. Previous reports have shown that as few as 20% of patients are truly compliant with paper-based diaries. OBJECTIVE To develop a Web site-based electronic(More)
The necessity of milk consumption in the western diet is a subject of intense controversy. One of the main benefits of milk is that it is the main source of dietary calcium. Calcium is a major bone mineral, mandatory for bone health. Its supply is derived exclusively from external dietary sources. During the growth period, an increased calcium supply is(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of life (QOL) is impaired in patients with food allergy and improves following oral immunotherapy (OIT). However, the treatment itself is prolonged and demanding. We examined changes in patient QOL during OIT for food allergy. METHODS The FAQLQ-PF was administered to children aged 4-12 years undergoing OIT for milk, peanut, or egg(More)
BACKGROUND IgE-mediated cow's milk-allergic (IgE-CMA) patients provide a valuable model for studying the relationship between dairy intake and bone mineral density (BMD) because they are unable to consume even minor amounts of dairy foods. OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of dairy restriction on BMD in young adult IgE-CMA patients. METHODS A(More)