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[Cholesterol metabolism in patients with ischemic heart disease with varying supplies of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids].
Patients with ischemic heart disease and with hyperlipidemia of the IIa, IIb and IV types as well as not exhibiting any pronounced alterations in cholesterol metabolism were treated with variousExpand
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Lipoprotein metabolism in the blood plasma and liver in alimentary dyslipoproteinemias in an experiment
It has been shown in rats with experimental alimentary dyslipoproteinemias that the rate of metabolism of the basic apoproteins of blood plasma lipoproteins and lipid-transporting proteins of theExpand
Effect of qualitatively varied nutrition on the lipoprotein lipase activity in rat tissues
Isocaloric food rations with a steady protein level, but differing proportions and quality of carbohydrates and fat produce a marked effect on the activity of the lipoprotein lipase in the fat tissueExpand
The effect of excess amounts of qualitatively differing fats on liver lipogenesis
: Tests conducted with rats receiving for 30 days isocaloric with control rations containing an elevated amount of animal or vegetable fats (lard, sunflower oil) demonstrated that the influence ofExpand
[Intermembrane phospholipid transport and the metabolism of lipid-transporting liver proteins in rats on predominantly carbohydrate nutrition].
Phospholipid transport across the subcellular membranes was shown to be speeded up under prolonged feeding of rats with a high carbohydrate diet including saccharose. The rate of lipid carrying liverExpand