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Comparison of variations detection between whole-genome amplification methods used in single-cell resequencing
These findings provide a comprehensive comparison of variations detection performance using SCRS amplified by different WGA methods, and will guide researchers to determine which WGA method is best suited to individual experimental needs at single-cell level. Expand
Genomic signatures of near-extinction and rebirth of the crested ibis and other endangered bird species
It is identified that genetic inbreeding and loss-of-function genes in the crested ibis may all constitute genetic susceptibility to other factors including long-term climate change, over-hunting, and agrochemical overuse. Expand
Evidence for association of mitochondrial metabolism alteration with lipid accumulation in aging rats
  • Lin Zhao, X. Zou, +9 authors Jiankang Liu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Experimental Gerontology
  • 1 August 2014
Reduction in PGC-1α expression and disruption of mitochondrial dynamics and autophagy might contribute to lipid accumulation during aging, using 5-month and 25-month-old rats. Expand
Genome-wide definition of selective sweeps reveals molecular evidence of trait-driven domestication among elite goat (Capra species) breeds for the production of dairy, cashmere, and meat
When investigating the divergence of Capra populations, the sequence variations and candidate function-associated genes the authors have identified provide valuable molecular markers for trait-driven genetic mapping and breeding. Expand
D-galactose induces a mitochondrial complex I deficiency in mouse skeletal muscle: potential benefits of nutrient combination in ameliorating muscle impairment.
It is found that chronic exposure to D-gal first results in specific muscular impairment in mice, rather than causing general, premature aging, and the nutrient complexes applied in the study attenuated the skeletal muscle impairment, most likely by improving mitochondrial function. Expand
Determination of Lipoic Acid in Biological Samples with Acetonitrile–Salt Stacking Method in CE
An acetonitrile–salt stacking method was established for the assay of lipoic acid (LA) in biological samples. Samples were deproteinized with acetonitrile at a final concentration of 60 % (v/v) andExpand
Development and comprehensive evaluation of a noninvasive prenatal paternity testing method through a scaled trial.
NIPPT can be applied to determine paternity accurately from 6 weeks after conception until birth and may serve as an alternative prenatal paternity test advantageous to the currently-used methods. Expand
Signatures of Crested Ibis MHC Revealed by Recombination Screening and Short-Reads Assembly Strategy
This study constructed a high quality 488-kb region of crested ibis MHC that consists of 3 superscaffolds and contains 50 genes and showed comparable quality to traditional Sanger assembly, while the workload was reduced almost 7 times. Expand
Differential alteration in gut microbiome profiles during acquisition, extinction and reinstatement of morphine-induced CPP
These findings will extend the association between dysbiosis of the gut microbiome and the opioid-induced rewarding or reinforcing behaviors and increase the chances of recovery at the extinction stage. Expand
Defibrase shows no direct thrombolytic actions
In the in vitro model of thrombolysis designed by ourselves, urokinase reduced the weight of artificial thrombi in a way of dose-dependence while defibrase dose-relatedly increased the thrombus weight. Expand