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This randomized, parallel-group, open study investigated the efficacy and safety of risperidone oral solution (RIS-OS) in combination with clonazepam and intramuscular haloperidol for the treatment of acute agitation in patients with schizophrenia, and the study explored the possibility of decreasing the efficacy of an acute 6-week treatment by switching(More)
Analyzed here is the physical interpretation of objective function of semi-supervised fuzzy C-means (SS-FCM) algorithm and its coefficient alpha. A conclusion-Stutzpsilas modification to the objective function of Pedrycz is much clearer: unlabeled samples involves in unsupervised learning of FCM, labeled samples involves in unsupervised learning with(More)
Recognition of contact states is often necessary or preferred in planning and executing contact-based assembly motions in the presence of uncertainties. However , due to inevitable uncertainties, not all contact states can be identiied at all contact conngurations. A crucial question is what kinds of contact states at what kinds of conngurations are(More)
The encryption mechanism is an effective way to protect the sensitive data in database from various attacks. When the data is encrypted, the query performance degrades greatly. How to query encrypted data efficiently becomes a challenge. In this paper, a scheme to support query over encrypted data is proposed. Firstly, we extend two-phase framework to(More)
Database encryption, as a mechanism for active security enhancement, is a crucial technique to protect data confidentiality. Two important objectives of designing an encrypted database are high security and performance. In this paper, a new paradigm for database encryption is proposed in which database encryption can be provided as a service to applications(More)
Security in today's world is one of the important challenges that people are facing all over the world in every aspect of their lives. Similarly security in electronic world has a great significance. In this paper, we survey the security of database. This is an area of substantial interest in database because we know that, the use of database is(More)
It is important to construct more efficient index used for query over encrypted character strings in database. A few of approaches to deal with such issues have been worked out. In this paper, an bloom filter based index to support fuzzy query over encrypted character data is proposed on the principle of two-phase query. Firstly a triple is used to express(More)
Database auditing can help strengthen the security of database. In this paper, we present a framework of database auditing, which log the database activities through analyzing network traffic, execute audit analysis through event correlation and generate alarms if an anomaly or a violation of security regulations is detected. Compared with native auditing(More)
Dependency between business and resources that ensure the normal function of the business has increased dramatically in size and complexity. As communication network becomes larger and more complex, the need for advanced correlation between audit alarm and business is becoming urgent. This paper proposes a framework for business-oriented security audit,(More)
Analyzed here is a fault localization approach based on directed graph in view point of business software. The fault propagation model solved the problem of obtaining the dependency relationship of faults and symptoms semi-automatically. The main idea includes: get the deployment graph of managed business from the topography of network and software(More)