Lianzhi Wang

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College of Information and Electrical Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China Abstract. This paper presents a system framework taking the advantages of the WSN for the real-time monitoring on the water quality in aquaculture. We design the structure of the wireless sensor network to collect and continuously transmit data to the monitoring(More)
Assistance and acceleration of the environment's self-remediation of pollutants represent an important and long-standing goal for environmental chemistry communities. Here, a degradation route using a combination of a nitrite and a ferric salt as the photocatalyst is presented for catalytically removing 17beta-estradiol (E2), estriol (E3), and(More)
Considering the complex of decision-making process of rainbow trout feeding, a rainbow trout feeding decision support system is built by integrating case-based reasoning and rule-based reasoning with XML. This paper describes the theory of hybrid reasoning, and several experiment results with their own interpretation. The web based feeding decision support(More)
Fuzzy Control has been a research highlight in network congestion control field. But many existed fuzzy algorithm's parameters and fuzzy rules are static, so it have defect in respond speed, stability and environment sensitivity. As to these problems mentioned above, Based on the existed FREM(Fuzzy Random Exponential Marking) algorithm, this thesis explores(More)
This paper describes a novel approach for human motion recognition via motion features extracted from sensor data. The classification process consists of two phases. The first one is a preprocessing of raw signals. Median Filter is used to filter pulse noise while vector quantization is used for Gaussian noise and reducing dimensions in this phase. The(More)
Postulating and inferring resistance genes to wheat stripe rust are a complicated process and need abundant expertise. An expert system for postulating and inferring resistance genes to wheat stripe rust (PRSRW) was developed by China Agricultural University. The process of PRSRW was described on the basis of the user’s requirement. The system structure and(More)
In aquaculture process, common water quality monitoring system just collect data in real-time, and data-monitoring that have been collected is time postponed. It is necessary to conduct prediction and early warning on quality in accordance with its historical state and current state. This paper aims to conduct prediction and warning in terms of the DO(More)
A highly sensitive fluorescence method of quantitative detection for specific DNA sequence is developed based on molecular beacon (MB) and nucleic acid dye SYBR Green I by synchronous fluorescence analysis. It is demonstrated by an oligonucleotide sequence of wild-type HBV (target DNA) as a model system. In this strategy, the fluorophore of MB is designed to(More)
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