Lianzhang Zhu

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The models suggested at present have certain application conditions and ranges, and most of them are not able to satisfy the requirements of complicated and volatile application environments. This paper presents a method based on stochastic Petri nets (SPNs) that evaluates component software reliability at the early stages of software development. The(More)
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a loosely-coupled architecture designed to meet business needs of an organization. It is becoming a trend for system development and integration where systems group functionality around business processes. Although SOA does not require Web services, Web services are based on accepted standards and drive SOA to the(More)
Food recognition is not only a challenging task but also important for patients and travelers. In order to provide a good recognition capability, we propose a cloud based object recognition platform for IOS platform, in which an improved 2DPCA algorithm is used for object recognition. A Hadoop based cloud server is built for this platform. To show the(More)
Workflow model is useful for representing the activities of work process in business, but there are no tools to analyze and emulate it. In this paper, a series of rules are given which can map the ordinary workflow model into Colored Petri net (CPN) model, which is executable and analyzable in the CPN Tools environment. Some characteristics of the workflow,(More)
Software performance evaluation has been taken into considerations in order to avoid failure of final software's performance, diminishing the risk of software development. This requires the method of evaluation effective and practical. CPN is good at simulating and verifying the dynamic behaviors of systems but limited by unignorable defects which(More)
Task migration is important for mobile clouds. In order to validate the resources utilization, we propose a new approach to simulation our ideas based on colored Petri net. In this paper, we will expand semantic of the colored petri net and create two task migration rules. The first migration rule is no integration of context information. The second task(More)
Accurate emotion recognition from speech is important for applications like smart health care, smart entertainment, and other smart services. High accuracy emotion recognition from Chinese speech is challenging due to the complexities of the Chinese language. In this paper, we explore how to improve the accuracy of speech emotion recognition, including(More)
In this paper, we will propose a new approach of building 3D maps from 2D satellite map images. Firstly, we get a 2D satellite map image from Google Earth. Then we use OpenCV to extract the elements' boundaries automatically on the 2D map image. Next, we correct the automatic extraction result and set the information of the elements on the map manually.(More)
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