Lianying Zhang

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We investigate the project scheduling problem with multiskill learning effect. A new model is proposed to deal with the problem, where both autonomous and induced learning are considered. In order to obtain the optimal solution, a genetic algorithm with specific encoding and decoding schemes is introduced. A numerical example is used to illustrate the(More)
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) build a model to improve project outcomes through a collaborative approach and a multi-party agreement. But IPD is short of mature laws and system like liability allocation and risk control. Thus the overall objective of this study is to make a research and discuss into the risk liability allocation problems, where basic(More)
In project management, spending minimum time and cost while achieving maximum quality is of great significance to its success. Consequently, it is vital to find an optimal equilibrium between the three objectives of construction projects. To achieve this goal, this study presents an advanced nonlinear multi-objective model to solve the time-cost-quality(More)
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