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The paper presents an image encryption algorithm that combines logistic map and Chen map. A traversal integer pseudorandom sequence that is generated by logistic map is used for shuffling bit-plane, rows and columns of plain image. A chaotic matrix of which is generated by Chen map is stacked to the shuffled image to form encrypted image. Experiment results(More)
The paper presents a model of the real world vehicle routing and dispatching problem. In real world, vehicle travel speeds are varying with period of time and can not be expressed as exact values. So the time-dependent and fuzzy travel speeds are introduced into the model. A dispatching period is divided into some time slices and each time slice is(More)
A fragile content-based image authentication scheme with location based on integer wavelet transform is presented. In this scheme, the digest of each block is coded by a chaotic sequence to form its watermark, which is embedded in another block which selected by an ergodic matrix of a hyperchaotic sequence. The encryption further strengthens the security.(More)
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