Lianwei Zhao

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Semi-supervised learning gets estimated marginal distribution X P with a large number of unlabeled examples and then constrains the conditional probability ) | ( x y p with a few labeled examples. In this paper, we focus on a regularization approach for semi-supervised classification. The label information graph is first defined to keep the pairwise label(More)
Subspace clustering is a challenging task in the field of data mining. Traditional distance measures fail to differentiate the furthest point from the nearest point in very high dimensional data space. To tackle the problem, we design minimal subspace distance which measures the similarity between two points in the subspace where they are nearest to each(More)
The sparse coding and independent component analysis for natural scenes, in recent years, have succeeded in for finding a set of basis functions that can effectively represent the input data, by supposing that the feature vectors of images should be sparse or independent. In this paper, we investigated the efficient coding for natural images by making(More)
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