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JSF is a true MVC pattern, its key point is the Web presentation layer. It not only provides a wealth of web page controls but also supports the development for controls, so its use is convenient and flexible. It allows programmer design Web program through dragging controls to the Web page, its using is very simple while the designed page is beautiful, it(More)
Provenance is meta-data about how data items become what they are. A variety of provenance-aware access control models and policy languages have been recently discussed in the literature. However, the issue of eliciting access control requirements related to provenance and of elaborating them as provenance-aware access control policies (ACPs) has received(More)
Access control of sensitive resources is a widely used means to achieve information security. When building large-scale systems based on popular commercial component middleware, such as J2EE, a usual way to enforce access control is to define access control configurations for components in a declarative manner. These configurations can be interpreted by the(More)
Access Control Requirements (ACRs) are software requirements about limiting privileges of users from accessing sensitive software resources. ACRs often interact with functional requirements (FRs), conform to an access control model, are constrained by authorization constraints of organizations, and change frequently. Current requirements modeling(More)
A direct and sensitive method for the detection of methyl centralite (MC) and ethyl centralite (EC) as gunshot residues (GSRs) has been developed. This method uses desorption electrospray ionization (DESI)-tandem mass spectrometry and directly desorbs and detects analytes from surfaces without any sampling process. Typical transitions for MC and EC, m/z 241(More)
With the aim of finding efficient non-noble metal catalysts for water splitting, hierarchical Ni-Mo-polydopamine microflowers (Ni-Mo2 C/C MF) were synthesized through a facile aqueous-phase reaction at room temperature. NiMoO4 nanowires were utilized as both Ni and Mo source; they can complex with dopamine to form a hierarchical structure and affect the(More)
Provenance is a directed graph that captures historical information about data items in Provenance-Aware Systems (PAS). A variety of access control models and policy languages specific to PAS have been recently discussed in literature. However, it is still not clear how to efficiently specify provenance-aware access control policies and how to effectively(More)