Liano Centofante

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Karyotype and chromosomal characteristics from 3 allopatric populations of Hoplias malabaricus, cytogenetically the most studied Erythrinidae taxon, were investigated using different staining(More)
Populations of seven Ancistrus species were analyzed from streams and rivers of three hydrographic Brazilian basins. All populations showed different diploid numbers (2n), fundamental numbers (FNs),(More)
The genus Pareiorhina, formerly considered monotypic, was recently described to comprise two new species P. carrancas and P. brachyrhyncha. Karyotype analysis allowed to infer cytotaxonomical(More)
Repetitive sequences and their chromosomal locations have been widely studied in species of the Astyanax genus. However, the chromosomal organization of U2 snDNA remains largely unknown. The aims of(More)
The genus Piabucus is the only member of the subfamily Iguanodectinae found in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso State, where it is represented by Piabucus melanostomus. P. melanostomus from the Paraguay(More)
Thoracocharax stellatus (Characiformes, Gasteropelecidae) is a small Neotropical species of fish, widely distributed in several rivers of South America. Evidence for karyotype heteromorphysm in(More)