Lianne Tripp

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The present study examines patterns of infant and juvenile growth in a diachronic sample of ancestral Pueblo Indians (AD 1300-1680) from the American Southwest. An assessment of growth patterns is accompanied by an evaluation of pathological conditions often considered to be indicators of nutritional deficiencies and/or gastrointestinal infections. Growth(More)
A study of differential pressure valves (DPV) used in the treatment of hydrocephalus was undertaken to determine their pressure-flow characteristics and compatability with the antisiphon valve (ASV). DPV could be classified into two groups: low resistance valves (LRV) and high resistance valves (HRV). The LRV maintains intraventricular pressure (IVP) near(More)
Due to the significant increase in the number of patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis being referred for liver transplantation, studies to determine recidivism rates and influential factors affecting those rates have become increasingly crucial. Between 12/85 and 12/91, 67 patients diagnosed with alcohol related end-stage liver disease underwent(More)
The study's objective was to evaluate in-depth and follow comprehensively a group of patients receiving liver transplantation. The group consisted of patients with Laennec's cirrhosis and alcohol abuse or dependency. The subjects included 68 of 556 transplant patients, studied over a 7-year period. The results revealed that 13% of the study sample (9(More)
A wide range of stressors can cause a dramatic and sudden rise in the death rate in populations, typically resulting in what is referred to as crisis mortality. Here we present a method to standardize the assessment of identifying moments of crises. A modification of the mortality Z-score methodology which is combined with time series analysis was used to(More)
Over half a century ago, McKeown and colleagues proposed that economics was a major contributor to the decline of infectious diseases, including respiratory tuberculosis, during the 19th and 20th centuries. Since then, there is no consensus among researchers as to the factors responsible for the mortality decline. Using the case study of the islands of(More)