Lianne Stephenson

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We studied physical fitness with the Harvard Step Test, growth, and appetite in primary school boys infected with hookworm (96% baseline prevalence), Trichuris trichiura (98% prevalence) and Ascaris(More)
Growth, activity, appetite and intestinal helminth infections were compared for 55 Kenyan primary school children with hookworm (93% prevalence), T. trichiura (84% prevalence) and A. lumbricoides(More)
We studied growth in infected children given one dose (600 mg) or two doses of albendazole per school year. Children were examined and allocated at random within sex by descending hookworm egg count(More)
We studied physical fitness, as determined by the Harvard Step Test (HST), and appetite, as measured by the consumption of a morning snack (maize meal porridge), in primary school boys infected with(More)
We studied the growth of comparable groups of children with light to moderate Schistosoma haematobium infections who received a single dose of metrifonate (MT, 10 mg/kg), praziquantel (PR, 40 mg/kg),(More)