Lianne E. Rotin

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DNA copy-number variations (CNVs) underlie many neuropsychiatric conditions, but they have been less studied in cancer. We report the association of a 17p13.1 CNV, childhood-onset developmental delay (DD), and cancer. Through a screen of over 4000 patients with diverse diagnoses, we identified eight probands harboring microdeletions at TP53 (17p13.1). We(More)
Sonic Hedgehog and its GLI transcriptional effectors control foliation complexity during cerebellar morphogenesis by promoting granule cell precursor proliferation. Here, we reveal a novel contribution of Sonic Hedgehog-GLI signaling to cerebellar patterning and cell differentiation by generating mice with targeted deletion of Suppressor of Fused (SuFu), a(More)
Targeting Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) with the small molecule BTK inhibitor ibrutinib has significantly improved patient outcomes in several B-cell malignancies, with minimal toxicity. Given the reported expression and constitutive activation of BTK in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells, there has been recent interest in investigating the anti-AML(More)
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