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An integrated location algorithm using satellite location and wireless sensor networks (WSN) is put forward to solve the issues of seamless location both indoors and outdoors in a pervasive computing environment in this paper. Pseudorange observation data of global positioning system (GPS) and distance observation data of WSN are utilized to carry out(More)
For the goal of seamless indoor and outdoor location based services(LBS), a integrated navigation algorithm with both satellite location and WSN is put forward in this paper. This paper also design semi- physical simulation platform based on software receiver structure, which integrate GPS receiver and WSN nodes. Pseudorange observation data of global(More)
OBJECTIVE To extract and purify of solamargine from Solanum nigrum, and to research its antineoplastic effects. METHOD S. nigrum was extracted refluently with 80% alcohol, solamargine was purified with silica gel column chromatography and recrystallization, and then conducted its structure identification and purity checks. Screened the effect on human(More)
Traditional global positioning system (GPS) is not suitable for indoor location environments. A wireless sensor network (WSN)-aided GPS location algorithm is put forward in this paper in order to realize seamless connection between indoor and outdoor locations and shorten search and acquisition time of GPS signal. The algorithm utilizes auxiliary location(More)
ˉThe stress filed and deformation of the slope could be calculated by FEM method, but the coefficient of safety could not be obtained from the results. It is relatively straightforward to get the coefficient of safety when the critical slip surface (CSS) is clear based on stress filed, while it is complex when the CSS is unknown. However, there are several(More)
üThe accurate determination of initial geo-stress field is the important premise of numerical simulation to the excavation of underground powerhouse. It is usually measured to get the value of initial geo-stress field. But it can not meet the demand of construction by this way. So it is very important to seek the methods that simulates initial geo-stress(More)
A data aggregation routing protocol with minimum transmission cost spanning tree facing the problem of low-power routing was proposed, to lower energy consumption of wireless sensor networks. Data from sensor nodes was transmitted to the root node to sink node within the same sensor area. Data aggregation and transmission to the in-network sink along the(More)
A data organization and access mechanism model of the spatial information grid is developed for effectively solving the spatial information share in pervasive computing environment. An architecture of campus location-based services based on grid geographical information system (CLGG) is proposed for services sharing, which composed of location tier, data(More)