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For nonlinear systems, Converted Measurement Kalman filter as one of various modifications of the Kalman filter can be used to estimate the state with the non-linear measuring equations, effectively. Although the Converted Measurement Kalman filter is powerful tools for nonlinear state estimation, we might have information about a system that the Converted(More)
The three-dimensional CMKF-U with only position measurements is extended to solve the nonlinear tracking problem with range-rate measurements in this paper. A pseudo measurement is constructed by the product of range and rangerate measurements to reduce the high nonlinearity of the rangerate measurements with respect to the target state; then the mean and(More)
The combination of sources of evidence with reliability has been widely studied within the framework of Dempster-Shafer theory (DST), which has been employed as a major method for integrating multiple sources of evidence with uncertainty. By the fact that sources of evidence may also be different in importance, for example in multi-attribute decision making(More)
The evidential K-nearest neighbor (EK-NN) method, which extends the classical K-nearest neighbour (K-NN) rule within the framework of evidence theory, has achieved wide applications in pattern classification for its better performance. In EK-NN, the similarity of test samples with the stored training ones are assessed via the Euclidean distance function,(More)