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Investigating and optimizing the mix proportion of pumping wet-mix shotcrete with polypropylene fiber
Abstract In order to obtain the optimum mixture proportions of wet-mix shotcrete, the tests of shotcrete properties with different fiber length were firstly conducted and the situation of breakageExpand
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Pet Fiber Reinforced Wet-Mix Shotcrete with Walnut Shell as Replaced Aggregate
In the rapidly developing modern society, many raw materials, such as crushed limestone and river sand, which are limited, are consumed by the concrete industry. Naturally, the usage of wasteExpand
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Early Intervention for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders in China: A Family Perspective
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) were first reported in China in 1982. Since then, autism and other related disorders have been recognized by both the public and professionals. The importance of earlyExpand
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Estimating snow depth Inversion Model Assisted Vector Analysis based on temperature brightness for North Xinjiang region of China
ABSTRACT The measurement of snow depth based on temperature brightness with passive microwave sensing is still achallenging problem. Snow depth for the snow cover hydrological model and climate modelExpand
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Numerical Approach for Goaf-Side Entry Layout and Yield Pillar Design in Fractured Ground Conditions
Entry driven along goaf-side (EDG), which is the development of an entry of the next longwall panel along the goaf-side and the isolation of the entry from the goaf with a small-width yield pillar,Expand
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Development of cement dust suppression technology during shotcrete in mine of China-A review
Abstract The shotcrete has become a major technique in the support construction of underground mine. Unfortunately, enormous amounts of cement dust may be produced during shotcrete because ofExpand
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Effects of substrate materials and liner thickness on the adhesive strength of the novel thin spray-on liner
In order to comprehensively investigate the influence of the thickness of thin spray-on liners on their adhesive strength with different surrounding rock environments, pull-off tests were employed toExpand
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Investigating the migration law of aggregates during concrete flowing in pipe
Abstract During pumping fresh concrete pipes, aggregate migration is occurred under the action of various forces. In order to study the migration characteristic of aggregates during concrete flowingExpand
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Development of a New Type of Green Switch Air Entraining Agent for Wet-Mix Shotcrete and Its Engineering Application
Air entraining agent (AEA) can bring a lot of microbubbles into fresh concrete for improving its fluidity; however, high fluidity has adverse effect on the shootability of wet-mix shotcrete. In orderExpand
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Acoustic emission source location considering refraction in layered media with cylindrical surface
Abstract To solve the problem that the existing acoustic emission (AE) source location algorithms cannot always obtain accurate results for multilayer cylindrical media, a new acoustic emissionExpand
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