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Pig Has No Brown Adipose Tissue
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is critical for mammal’s survival in the cold environment. UCP1 is responsible for the thermogenesis in the BAT and is recognized as a specific marker for BAT. Pig is a u...
MiR-27b Promotes Muscle Development by Inhibiting MDFI Expression
The results conclude that miR-27b promotes PSCs myogenesis by targeting MDFI, and this finding has implications for obtaining the alternative treatments for patients with the muscle injury.
Pig has no uncoupling protein 1.
It is unequivocally demonstrate that pig has no UCP1 protein, which has resolved the controversy of whether pigs have the brown adipose tissue.
MiR-199b represses porcine muscle satellite cells proliferation by targeting JAG1.
It is demonstrated that miR-199b inhibits PSCs proliferation using the overexpression and inhibition of miR,199b experiment and this finding indicates miR -199b is a potential therapeutic target for muscle atrophy.
MiR-34c represses muscle development by forming a regulatory loop with Notch1
The data revealed that miR-34c can form a regulatory loop with Notch1 to repress muscle development, and this result expands the understanding of muscle development mechanism.
Dihydromyricetin Ameliorates Inflammation-induced Insulin Resistance via Phospholipase C-CaMKK-AMPK Signal Pathway
Lianjie Hou (  houlianjie@gzhmu.edu.cn ) Guangdong Provincial Key Lab of Agro-Animal Genomics and Molecular Breeding, National Engineering Research Center for Breeding Swine Industry, College of
Browning of Pig White Preadipocytes by Co-Overexpressing Pig PGC-1α and Mice UCP1
The data suggest a model in which pig PGC-1α and mice UCP1 work collaboratively to restore uncoupling respiration in pig preadipocytes, which has great implications for piglet survival and developing an alternative treatment for human obesity in the future.
Mechanism of protective effect of carnosol on pig intestinal epithelial cells.
Carnosol has a protective effect on intestinal epithelial cells by up-regulating the expression of Nrf2 and inhibiting p21 protein to promote the expression in CCND1 and SOD genes.
Whole genome sequence analysis reveals genetic structure and X-chromosome haplotype structure in indigenous Chinese pigs
The results showed that breeds grouped together based on morphological classifications are not necessarily more genetically similar to each other than to breeds from other groups, and identified two new subpopulations of domestic pigs that encompass morphology-based criteria in China.
MiR-501-3p Forms a Feedback Loop with FOS, MDFI, and MyoD to Regulate C2C12 Myogenesis
The hypothesis that miR-501-3p formed a feedback loop with FOS, MDFI, and MyoD to regulate myoblast differentiation is hypothesized and demonstrated, which expands the understanding of the muscle myogenic development mechanism and provides treatment strategies for skeletal muscle or metabolic-related diseases in the future.