Lianjie Cao

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Malicious website attacks including phishing, malware, and drive-by downloads have become a huge security threat to today's Internet. Various studies have been focused on approaches to prevent users from being attacked by malicious websites. However, there exist few studies that focus on the prevalence and temporal characteristics of such attack traffic. In(More)
Dedication This is dedicated to my parents and my girlfriend. iv Acknowledgement I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisor Dr. Brian L. Mark. Without his patient guidance and support, none of this would have been achieved. I also would like to thank my parents for their encouragement and trust.
—Network Function Virtualization (NFV) brings a cloud service automation paradigm to demand-driven elastic flexing of infrastructure resources. Thus, it is essential to characterize the impact of hardware and virtualization options on the virtual network function (VNF) performance, and on the load on underlying infrastructure. In this paper, we present VNF(More)
Query by humming (QBH) means to search a piece of music by singing or humming. Given melodies hummed by the users, query by humming systems will return an ordered list of songs according to the similarity between hummings and target songs. Although there are many searching techniques for query by humming, our project is building a web-based query-by-humming(More)
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