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For the mine roadway surface reconstruction based on laser scanning point cloud, the cylinder projection method and Poisson reconstruction method were adopted to build the roadway model in this paper. The two methods were introduced in detail including the three modeling parts of the cylinder projection method and the five parts of the Poisson equation(More)
Wenshuai Li, 16 Xu Zhang, , Xingyu Lu, Lei You, 16 Yanqun Song, Zhongguang Luo, Jun Zhang, Ji Nie, 3 Wanwei Zheng, Diannan Xu, Yaping Wang, Yuanqiang Dong, Shulin Yu, Jun Hong, Jianping Shi, Hankun Hao, Fen Luo, Luchun Hua, Peng Wang, Xiaoping Qian, Fang Yuan, 11 Lianhuan Wei, Ming Cui, Taiping Zhang, Quan Liao, Menghua Dai, Ziwen Liu, Ge Chen, Katherine(More)
Modern spaceborne SAR sensors provide geometric resolutions well below one meter. In data of this kind, many features of urban objects become visible. However, because of the intrinsic side-looking geometry of SAR sensors, layover and foreshortening issues inevitably arise, especially in dense urban areas. SAR tomography provides a new way of overcoming(More)
DNA modifications such as 5-methylcytosine (5mC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) are epigenetic marks known to affect global gene expression in mammals. Given their prevalence in the human genome, close correlation with gene expression and high chemical stability, these DNA epigenetic marks could serve as ideal biomarkers for cancer diagnosis. Taking(More)
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