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This paper presents a novel method for fingerprint image quality. Five features are extracted from the fingerprint image to analyze the quality and the feature vector is formed from the five features. Then SVM classifier, which can solve small-sample learning problems with good generalization, is trained to classify the fingerprint image. The fingerprint(More)
DNA methylation has been recently recognized as a novel tumor marker. This study investigated the methylation status of Reprimo and hMLH1 gene in both plasma and tissue samples from gastric cancer patients, in an attempt to investigate their diagnostic implications in gastric cancer. A total of 180 tissue and plasma samples (including 50 cases of gastric(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy and direct medical cost of different screening modalities of physical examination (PE), mammography (MAM), and high-frequency ultrasonography (US) for breast cancer among Chinese women. METHODS This study was designed as a blindly carried outcom parative parallel screening trial for breast cancer among Chinese women aged(More)
Owing to the favorable effects of essential fatty acids on human health, a great degree of interest on fatty acid profiles and nutritional quality of fish species have been of interest in the recent years. The present study investigated the lipid content, fatty acid profiles and nutritional quality in nine freshwater fish species from the Ganjiang River in(More)
Gastrointestinal malignancy is a severe public health threat worldwide, and survival for most types of gastrointestinal cancer is very poor. Therefore, finding better cancer biomarkers to diagnose gastrointestinal malignancy and predict patient survival is essential. HDAC1 has been reported to be closely associated with several types of cancer, but the(More)
BACKGROUND Histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) is an important epigenetic factor, and is thought to be associated with the progression and prognosis of some types of cancer. HDAC1 has been reported to be overexpressed in lung cancer, but the correlation between HDAC1 overexpression and the clinical features or prognosis of lung cancer is controversial. In this(More)
INTRODUCTION The present randomized, two-period, cross-over bioequivalence study compared two soft capsules of etoposide (test and reference formulations), in treating 18 advanced lung cancer patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS The pharmacokinetic parameters were determined based on the concentrations of etoposide, using HPLC with fluorescence detector. In(More)
Currently, the potential of cancer therapy is compromised by a variety of problems related to tumor specificity, drug access, and limited efficacy. We report a novel approach to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment utilizing a light-responsive nanoconstruct. Effectiveness is increased by enhancing drug absorption through heating and the production(More)
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