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RATIONALE Interpatient variability in montelukast response may be related to variation in leukotriene pathway candidate genes. OBJECTIVE To determine associations between polymorphisms in leukotriene pathway candidate genes with outcomes in patients with asthma receiving montelukast for 6 mo who participated in a clinical trial. METHODS Polymorphisms(More)
  • L G Shao
  • 1993
After the experimental kitten eyes were exposed to stimulation by the moving sinusoidal grating, the fos proteins, products of c-fos genetic expression in the nuclei of excited neurons in layer IV of the visual cortex area 17, were stained with the immunocytochemical ABC technique. The changes in number and grey scale of the c-fos immunopositive neurons of(More)
14 kittens of 2-4 weeks were randomly divided into normal (N) and monocular deprivation (MD) groups. PVEP was tested before and after monocular deprivation by blepharorrhaphy for 12 weeks, when development of amblyopia was confirmed. Under TEM, the central retinal ganglion cells, the ipsilateral geniculate nucleus layers, the neurons of layer IV of visual(More)
14 kittens at 2-4 weeks of age were randomly divided into normal (N) and monocular deprived (MD) groups. Before the MD amblyopic models were made, pattern visual evoked potentials (PVEPs) were elicited from the experimental eyes. After the closure of 7 unilateral eyes (right 3, left 4) with operation, the two kitten groups were fed for 12 weeks under a same(More)
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