Liangyu He

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In past decades, the online solution of inverse kinematics (IK) has always been a mathematically troublesome problem for redundant robot manipulators. Besides, the traditional IK approaches, such as the pseudo-inverse method, have to calculate the computationally expensive inverse (specifically, pseudo-inverse) of Jacobian matrix. To drastically and(More)
Corner is a significant geometrical characteristic in digital image processing. The accuracy in corner detection has much meaning in image processing and measurement. This article aims to propose an improved threshold determination method for the Smallest Univalue Segment Assimilating Nucleus corner detection algorism. This improved algorism calculates the(More)
As an important issue of inverse kinematics, the self-motion planning and control (SMPC) of redundant manipulators has been widely investigated to perform various subtasks. But there are still some weaknesses in SMPC researches [e.g., physical limits are usually not taken into consideration, and joint-velocity profiles are mutational (or say rigorously,(More)
We have designed a virtualized hybrid distributed file system for large scale data storage. It ensembles the characteristic of fault tolerance based on inexpensive commodity hardware inherited from the classic Google File System but also integrates the advantage of the P2P network. While sharing many of the same goals as previous distributed file systems,(More)
In modern geophysical prospecting, GPR has been more and more widely used due to its accuracy and high efficiency. However, different site conditions and a rather strict demand for equal-distance reminding actually set limits on the traditional application method of GPR. In solving this problem, a new MCU-controlled equal-distance reminding device has been(More)
This paper describes the use of the area structure function (SF) for the specification and characterization of optical surfaces. A two-quadrant area SF is introduced because the one-quadrant area SF does not completely describe surfaces with certain asymmetries. Area SF calculations of simulation data and of a diamond turned surface are shown and compared(More)
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