Liangyi Gong

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Wireless device-free passive human detection is a key enabler for a range of indoor location-based services such as asset security, emergency responses, privacy-preserving children and elderly monitoring, etc. Since the feature of received signal varies with different multipath propagation conditions, an labor-intensive on-site calibration procedure is(More)
With the rapid development of WLAN technology, wireless device-free passive human detection becomes a newly-developing technique and holds more potential to worldwide and ubiquitous smart applications. Recently, indoor fine-grained device-free passive human motion detection based on the PHY layer information is rapidly developed. Previous wireless(More)
Traditional anomaly detection on microblogging mostly focuses on individual anomalous users or messages. Since anomalous users employ advanced intelligent means, the anomaly detection is greatly poor in performance. In this paper, we propose an innovative framework of anomaly detection based on bipartite graph and co-clustering. A bipartite graph between(More)
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