Lianguan Shen

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The high solution costs and non-uniqueness difficulties in the boundary element method (BEM) based on the conventional boundary integral equation (CBIE) formulation are two main weaknesses in the BEM for solving exterior acoustic wave problems. To tackle these two weaknesses, an adaptive fast multi-pole boundary element method (FMBEM) based on the(More)
A new adaptive fast multipole boundary element method (BEM) for solving 3-D half-space acoustic wave problems is presented in this paper. The half-space Green's function is employed explicitly in the boundary integral equation (BIE) formulation so that a tree structure of the boundary elements only for the boundaries of the real domain need to be applied,(More)
SUMMARY A dual boundary integral equation (BIE) formulation is presented for the analysis of general 3-D elec-trostatic problems, especially those involving thin structures. This dual BIE formulation uses a linear combination of the conventional BIE and hypersingular BIE on the entire boundary of a problem domain. Similar to crack problems in elasticity,(More)
This paper proposes a new algorithm of medical image denoising and contour extraction that can be used in image processing such as medical image reconstruction, image enhancement, image smoothing, feature extraction and image analysis. The algorithm consists of two parts. First, combining median filtering with wavelet transform to enhance and denoise image.(More)
A Web-based synchronous collaborative environment is presented, which facilitates the education of mechanical engineering design. With the system, participants at different physical locations gather online to discuss topics of interest. Members of the group can directly manipulate all entities in the engineering draft interactively on their browsers and(More)
A web-based collaborative design platform is presented for design MEMS structure. The design platform consists of four parts: mask design and optimization, lithography simulation, 3D reconstruction and synchronous display. Some special technologies in constructing the platform are described. An entity- based access control mechanism is employed to settle(More)
Market competition is forcing companies to develop and manufacture diverse products to meet customer's requirements. It is very important to respond to the market quickly in design. In this paper, a Web-based virtual design environment is presented, which allows customers to participate in product design directly and help designers to adjust the structure(More)