Lianguan Shen

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This paper proposes a new algorithm of medical image denoising and contour extraction that can be used in image processing such as medical image reconstruction, image enhancement, image smoothing, feature extraction and image analysis. The algorithm consists of two parts. First, combining median filtering with wavelet transform to enhance and denoise image.(More)
A Web-based synchronous collaborative environment is presented, which facilitates the education of mechanical engineering design. With the system, participants at different physical locations gather online to discuss topics of interest. Members of the group can directly manipulate all entities in the engineering draft interactively on their browsers and(More)
Market competition is forcing companies to develop and manufacture diverse products to meet customer's requirements. It is very important to respond to the market quickly in design. In this paper, a Web-based virtual design environment is presented, which allows customers to participate in product design directly and help designers to adjust the structure(More)
Compression molding of glass lens is a promising and efficient fabrication process for high precision glass lens production. In this research, FEM simulations of the whole compression molding of a Plano-convex glass lens were conducted using the commercial code MSC Marc. By incorporating stress relaxation and structural relaxation model of glass during the(More)
Some performances of ZL50 wheel loader do not meet the requirements, like delivering ratio, translation feature in lifting and automatic reset of the bucket. An optimal strategy for working device is adopted based on a virtual prototype in ADAMS. There are total 22 design variables which are 9 points' (x, y) coordinates of the reverse six-bar linkage and(More)
A new 3D platform is build in the self developed WebCAD system, used for multiple user collaborative design. As an extension of the WebCAD system, the collaborative 3D CAD system proposes a collaborative Boolean operation method. With the method complex physical objects can be easily obtained through Boolean operations of some elemental entities. With the(More)