Liangshun Han

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Deep Ridge InGaAsP/InP Light Emitting Transistors (LET) with ~1.5 μm light emissions have been fabricated and characterized. In the deep ridge LETs, all the light emissions are from the intrinsic base area, which makes them more suitable for high speed direct modulation. A collector emitter voltage (V CE) dependent output power, which has been predicted(More)
We report a monolithic photonic integrated circuit (PIC) for THz communication applications. The PIC generates up to 4 optical frequency lines which can be mixed in a separate device to generate THz radiation, and each of the optical lines can be modulated individually to encode data. Physically, the PIC comprises an array of wavelength tunable distributed(More)
We present an InP-based distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser transmitter which has a wide wavelength tuning range and a high chip output power for wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) applications. By butt-jointing InGaAsP with 1.45μm emission wavelength as the material of the grating section, the laser wavelength can(More)
Transistor lasers (TLs) with n-doped quantum wells (QWs), which own low threshold current, are reported in this paper. The exposed side walls of QWs introduce amounts of recombination centers, which damages the properties of deep ridge TLs greatly. It is found that the heavily doping in quantum wells can effectively alleviate this effect. Assuming that the(More)
A novel design of a two-mode de/multiplexer (DE/MUX) based on multimode interference (MMI) couplers is presented. Instead of the phase shifter (PS) in the shape of a narrow strip waveguide, which needs tight design and fabrication requirements, a tilted joint is used as a PS in the proposed device, so that the effects of the fabrication errors of the PS on(More)
Multi-wavelength light sources are key components in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical transmission systems and are indispensable in future photonic networks. Monolithically integrated distributed feed back (DFB) laser arrays are widely used for their stable and highly reliable single-mode operation in modern WDM system, which enables optical(More)
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