Liangsheng Li

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Using finite-size scaling, we have investigated the percolation phase transitions of evolving random networks under a generalized Achlioptas process (GAP). During this GAP, the edge with a minimum product of two connecting cluster sizes is taken with a probability p from two randomly chosen edges. This model becomes the Erdös-Rényi network at p=0.5 and the(More)
The relation between the household electrical consumption Y and population N for Chinese cities in 2006 has been investigated with the power law scaling form Y = A0N β . It is found that the Chinese cities should be divided into three categories characterized by different scaling exponent β. The first category, which includes the biggest and coastal cities(More)
We have investigated the population distribution of Chinese cities from 1997 to 2006. The rank-size distributions of Chinese cities deviate from the Pareto distribution. For city size distribution of each year we can find a population threshold Pc that characterizes the boundary of the deviation. The cities with population more than Pc follow the Pareto(More)
Based on the physical optics (PO) theory, the radar cross section (RCS) of a metal sphere is numerically calculated and analyzed at high frequency limits in the Terahertz region. To obtain the relation between RCS and frequency, the scattered electric fields are estimated by using the integral equations under far field approximations for various beam widths(More)
To overcome the competition between the side lobe suppression and the main lobe spread in radar imaging, we introduce a super-resolution imaging algorithm based on the iterative processes of the reshaped window function. The side lobes of the target imaging are sensitively dependent on the structures of reshaped window function, and the main lobes, however,(More)
We experimentally investigate segregation behaviors of binary granular mixtures consisting of granular chains and spherical grains with different interstitial media under vertical vibrations. A quantitative criterion is proposed to locate the boundaries between different vibrating phases. The water-immersed granular mixture exhibits two interesting types of(More)
A periodic segregation in a binary granular mixture of alumina and copper spheres has been found when the mixture is subjected to vertical vibrations, in which a stable percolation process has been experimentally studied. Measurements reveal that the percolation time of alumina particles through a permeable layer of copper particles increases linearly as(More)
We experimentally investigate a discharging flux of granular particles through a sieve plate subject to vertical vibrations. The mean mass flux shows a non-monotonic relation with the vibration strength. High-speed photography reveals that two stages, the free flight of the particles' bulk over the plate and the adhesion of the particles' bulk with the(More)