Liangrui Tang

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Since sensor networks have limited and nonrechargeable energy resources, it has been a research focus on reducing node energy consumption and prolonging the network lifetime in wireless sensor network (WSN) routing protocols. A novel routing algorithm based on Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) routing protocol is proposed in this paper. In(More)
Aiming at shortcomings of existing handover algorithms which do not apply to voice and data mix traffic, and considering the wide use of TD-SCDMA technology in personal mobile communications, a baton handover strategy with channel reservation and preemptive priority mechanism is proposed. The strategy reserves channels for voice handover calls, sets(More)
The synchronization of a four-dimensional hyperchaotic system is analyzed. Two state observers are designed with different methods to realize rapid synchronization of the response and drive systems respectively. When the system parameters are known, we analyze the design processes of two observers and verify their effectiveness. Analysis shows that the(More)
As the idea of smart grid was brought up and with its fast development, higher storage capacity and stronger processing ability of power system information processing platform are needed. Aiming at making up for the lack of information management and service request, Mobile-agent is used in this paper to serve as the information interaction mechanism of(More)