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The problem of data association for target tracking in a cluttered environment is discussed. In order to deal with the problem of data association for real time target tracking, a novel data association method based on maximum entropy fuzzy clustering is proposed. Firstly, the candidate measurements of each target are clustered with the aid of the modified(More)
To solve the problem of initiating tracks for multi-target in dense clutters environment, a Mean shift track initiation algorithm based on Hough transform is proposed. In the algorithm, firstly, hough transform is applied to transform observation points from input space, referred to as feature space into curves in a special parameter space; then a Mean(More)
For the nonlinear and non-Gaussian filtering problem of target tracking, a novel Gaussian sum quadrature particle filter(GSQPF) based on Gauss-Hermite quadrature and Gaussian sum particle filter is proposed. In the proposed algorithm, according to the advantage of Gaussian-Hermite quadrature points in the nonlinear approximation and the diversity of(More)
In order to cope with the complex variation of target appearance during visual tracking, a robust tracking algorithm based on multi-scale kernelized least squares (KLS) is proposed. First, by showing that the dense sampling set of translated patches is circulant, using the well-established theory of circulant matrices, kernelized least squares is efficient(More)
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