Liangqun Li

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The problem of data association for target tracking in a cluttered environment is discussed. In order to deal with the problem of data association for real time target tracking, a novel data association method based on maximum entropy fuzzy clustering is proposed. Firstly, the candidate measurements of each target are clustered with the aid of the modified(More)
The strain T1BF was isolated from the old bast tissue of Taxus yunnanensis and determined to be a member of Talaromyces. The extracts from the solid fermentation of Talaromycessp. T1BF were purified and obtained three azaphilones, including a new one. They were identified on the basis of spectral data as 6alpha-hydroxy-7beta-methyl-8-oxo-3-((E)-(More)
Catalytic asymmetric formal synthesis of (−)-Triptophenolide and (+)-Triptolide have been achieved. Key reaction involves Palladium catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition of aryl boronic acid to 3-methyl cyclohexe-1-none to form quaternary carbon. Claisen rearrangement and subsequent aldol reaction furnished trans-decaline key intermediate, which assured a(More)
For maneuvering target tracking with multiple passive sensors in clutter environment, a novel tracking algorithm based on maximum entropy fuzzy clustering is proposed. Firstly, the interacting multiple models (IMM) approach is used to solve the maneuver problem of the target, and the false alarms generated by clutter are accommodated through maximum entropy(More)
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