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BACKGROUND Human exposure to silica dust is very common in both working and living environments. However, the potential long-term health effects have not been well established across different exposure situations. METHODS AND FINDINGS We studied 74,040 workers who worked at 29 metal mines and pottery factories in China for 1 y or more between January 1,(More)
Metals are toxic agents for which genotoxic effects are often difficult to demonstrate. To study metal mutagenesis, we have used two stable hprt/gpt+ transgenic cell lines that were derived from Chinese hamster V79 cells. Both the G12 and G10 cell lines are known to be very sensitive to clastogens such as X-rays and bleomycin, with the mutagenic response of(More)
In C. elegans, the transcription factor skinhead-1 (SKN-1), the ortholog of human NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf-2), plays important roles in oxidative stress defense and aging processes. It has been documented that the activity of SKN-1 is regulated by its phosphorylation modification. However, whether other posttranslational modifications of SKN-1 affect its(More)
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