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To improve the accuracy of CC2431-based Zigbee locating system in the indoor environment, a localization algorithm is proposed. Multipath propagation and Corrected multipath fading coefficient is investigated for the relationship of received signal strength (RSS) and distance. Window Mean Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (WMEWMA) is adopted to smooth(More)
When carrying out the Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) on the Printing Circuit Board (PCB) adopted Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) , inspecting path planning is a question of combinatorial optimization, every inspecting window exists certain move range. In view of all above problems, this paper studied the standard Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)(More)
In mobile agent based data fusion, the order of nodes visited along the route by mobile agent has a significant impact on the algorithm efficiency and lifetime of wireless sensor network. In this article, we propose a mobile agent tree routes scheme with data fusion. Considering the energy level of the sensor nodes, we construct the data fusion tree based(More)
—RFID middleware collects and filters RFID streaming data gathered continuously by numerous readers to process requests from applications. These requests are called continuous queries. The problem when using any of the existing query indexes on these continuous queries is that it takes a long time to build the index because it is necessary to insert a large(More)
—Network congestion in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) leads to packet drops, throughput reduction and degradation of channel quality which in turn decrease network performance. A novel cross-layer congestion control strategy for WSNs is presented. The strategy performs the bandwidth and delay estimation in MAC layer for the current link, and feedbacks them(More)
Windows is an operating system based on message which is built on event—driven mechanism. Hook is one of surveillance point of message processing mechanism in Windows system. In this paper using Windows kernel technology, using Hook Service Table to replace Native's API, detect process and thread behavior, and realize detection and protection of(More)
Considering the problem that image defect's fineness, complex shape, difficultly to extract feature, and easily effected by noise on PCB products machine vision inspection system, the paper presented defect identification classification algorithm based on Naive Bayes and MetaClass , which resolved the problem that fine and complex defect is difficult to(More)
Cooperative transmission is an emerging wireless communication technique that improves wireless channel capacity through multi-user cooperation in the physical layer. This paper is concerned with principles and implementation challenges of cooperative transmission in the realistic wireless sensor networks. Based on the given system model of cooperative(More)