Liangliang Zhou

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Coix lacryma-jobi L. (Coix) is a close relative of maize and is considered a valuable genetic resource for crop improvement. Here we report the construction of the first Coix bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library using accession PI 324059. This BAC library contains about 230 400 clones with an average insert size of 113 kb, has low organellar DNA(More)
Transposable elements (TEs) have long been regarded as genomic parasites and occupy a significant portion of eukaryotic genomes because of their massive replication in host genomes. However, at times, TEs can also be domesticated by genes and thereby contribute new regulatory functions to genes [1, 2]. Here we show that two TE insertions in a distant(More)
Tandemly arrayed genes (TAGs) account for about one-third of the duplicated genes in eukaryotic genomes. They provide raw genetic material for biological evolution, and play important roles in genome evolution. The 22-kDa prolamin genes in cereal genomes represent typical TAG organization, and provide the good material to investigate gene amplification of(More)
Homologous recombination in meiosis provides the evolutionary driving force in eukaryotic organisms by generating genetic variability. Meiotic recombination does not always occur evenly across the chromosome, and therefore genetic and physical distances are not consistently in proportion. We discovered a 278 kb interval on the long arm of chromosome 10 (10(More)
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