Liangliang Zhao

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BACKGROUND Colon cancer is invariably accompanied by altered coagulation activity; however, the precise role of phosphatidylserine (PS) in the hypercoagulable state of colon cancer patients remains unclear. We explored the exposure of PS on platelets and microparticles (MPs), and evaluate its role in procoagulant activity in colon cancer patients. METHODS(More)
Gastric cancer is a lethal disease characterized by high diffusivity and mortality. To examine the mechanisms involved in gastric cancer, we analyzed the microarray of GSE41476. GSE41476 was downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus and included 3 primary cell culture samples from gastric cancer tissues, 3 gastric cancer cell lines and 2 normal tissue(More)
Hypercoagulability in gastric cancer is a common complication and a major contributor to poor prognosis. This study aimed to determine procoagulant activity of blood cells and microparticles (MPs) in gastric cancer patients. Phosphatidylserine-positive blood cells and MPs, and their procoagulant properties in particular, were assessed in 48 gastric cancer(More)
Accurate electrophysiological diagnosis relies on high precision and well calibrated instruments. A method to simulate the human electrophysiological activity is proposed and a simulation system is developed, as a calibration tool for electrophysiological inspectors. The system performance is tested by calibrating the amplitude and the latency of a(More)
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