Liangliang Yang

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BACKGROUND Cancer stem cells (CSCs) play an important role in cancer initiation, relapse and metastasis. To date, no specific medicine has been found to target CSCs as they are resistant to most conventional therapies and proliferate indefinitely. Compound Kushen Injection (CKI) has been widely used for cancer patients with remarkable therapeutic effects in(More)
This study assessed second-line continued use of cetuximab for treatment of unresectable metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) after disease progression during first-line cetuximab-based therapy. Consecutive patients with wild-type KRAS exon 2 and unresectable mCRC were retrospectively enrolled after disease progression during first-line cetuximab-based(More)
Homeobox C6 (HOXC6), a member of the homeobox family that encodes highly conserved transcription factors, plays a vital role in various carcinomas. In this study, we used a tissue microarray (TMA) consisting of 462 CRC samples to demonstrate that HOXC6 is more abundantly expressed in colorectal cancer (CRC) tissues than adjacent normal mucosa.(More)
Spotted seals (Phoca largha) are thought to be less vocal than other phocids. However, acoustic communication behaviors of spotted seals have been reported several times. In this study, the vocal repertoires of spotted seals housed in Dalian Sun Aquarium, China were recorded and analyzed. The frequencies of the sounds made by the seals ranged from 139.3 to(More)
Previous reports showed the presence of limited numbers of stem cells in neonatal murine cochlear sensory epithelia and these cells are progressively lost during the postnatal development. The goal of this study was to investigate whether stem cells can be derived from mature mouse cochleae under suspension culture conditions, and to analyze the expression(More)
Two coumarin derivatives containing electron-transporting benzoxazolyl moiety, 7-(diethylamino)-3-(benzoxazol-2-yl)coumarin (DABOC) and 3-(benzoxazol-2-yl)benzo[5,6]coumarin (BOBC), were synthesized and characterized. The photoluminescence and electroluminescence of the compounds were investigated detailedly. The compounds exhibited strong blue-green(More)
The internal quality of apple is impossible to be detected by eyes in the procedure of sorting, which could reduce the apple's quality reaching market. This paper illustrates an instrument using X-ray and machine vision. The following steps were introduced to process the X-ray image in order to determine the mould core apple. Firstly, lifting wavelet(More)