Liangjin Yao

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Monotone operators are of central importance in modern optimization and nonlinear analysis. Their study has been revolutionized lately, due to the systematic use of the Fitzpatrick function. Pioneered by Penot and Svaiter, a topic of recent interest has been the representation of maximal monotone operators by so-called autoconjugate functions. Two explicit(More)
In this paper, we consider the structure of maximally monotone operators in Banach space whose domains have nonempty interior and we present new and explicit structure formulas for such operators. Along the way, we provide new proofs of norm-to-weak * closedness and of property (Q) for these operators (as recently proven by Voisei). Various applications and(More)
In this paper, we study the rate of convergence of the cyclic projection algorithm applied to finitely many basic semi-algebraic convex sets. We establish an explicit convergence rate estimate which relies on the maximum degree of the polynomials that generate the basic semi-algebraic convex sets and the dimension of the underlying space. We achieve our(More)
Monotone operators are of basic importance in optimization as they generalize simultaneously subdif-ferential operators of convex functions and positive semidefinite (not necessarily symmetric) matrices. In 1970, Asplund studied the additive decomposition of a maximal monotone operator as the sum of a subdifferential operator and an " irreducible " monotone(More)
We show that every maximally monotone operator of Fitzpatrick-Phelps type defined on a real Banach space must be of dense type. This provides an affirmative answer to a question posed by Stephen Simons in 2001 and implies that various important notions of monotonicity coincide.tifunction, operator of type (D), operator of type (FP), operator of type (NI),(More)
In this paper, we study convex analysis and its theoretical applications. We first apply important tools of convex analysis to Optimization and to Analysis. We then show various deep applications of convex analysis and especially infimal convolution in Monotone Operator Theory. Among other things, we recapture the Minty surjectivity theorem in Hilbert(More)
Monotone linear relations play important roles in variational inequality problems and quadratic optimizations. In this paper, we give explicit maximally monotone linear subspace extensions of a monotone linear relation in finite dimensional spaces. Examples are provided to illustrate our extensions. Our results generalize a recent result by Crouzeix and(More)
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