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Gravitational waves are expected to be radiated by supermassive black hole binaries formed during galaxy mergers. A stochastic superposition of gravitational waves from all such binary systems would modulate the arrival times of pulses from radio pulsars. Using observations of millisecond pulsars obtained with the Parkes radio telescope, we constrained the(More)
Knowledge of the seismic velocity structure at the top of the Earth's inner core is important for deciphering the physical processes responsible for inner-core growth. Previous global seismic studies have focused on structures found 100 km or deeper within the inner core, with results for the uppermost 100 km available for only isolated regions. Here we(More)
Cosmogenic isotopes 9 Li and 8 He produced in the detector are the most problematic background in the reactor neutrino experiments designed to determine precisely the neutrino mixing angle y 13. The average time interval of cosmic-ray muons in the detector is often on the order of the lifetimes of the 9 Li and 8 He isotopes. We have developed a method for(More)
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