Lianghua Duan

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Research on pedestrian detection still presents a lot of space for improvements, both on speed and detection accuracy. State-of-the-art object proposals approach has shown the very effective computational efficiency in object detection. In this paper, we present a framework for pedestrian detection based on the object proposals. Instead of scaling the test(More)
Person re-identification is an important technique towards automatic search of a person's presence in a surveillance video. Two fundamental problems are critical for person re-identification:feature representation and metric learning. At present, there are many methods in the study of person re-identification, which has achieved remarkable results. Due to(More)
Person re-identification has become a hot research topic due to its importance in surveillance and forensics applications. The purpose of person re-identification is to find the same person from disjoint camera views at different time. Most of the existing methods try to identify the person by measuring the similarity of two still images from different(More)
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