Liangguo Liu

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The entire sequences of the mitochondrial (mt)DNA control region (CR) and portions of its flanking genes in the red crucian carp (RC) and blunt snout bream (BSB) as well as their polyploid hybrids (3nRB, 4nRB and 5nRB) were determined and subjected to a comparative analysis. The mtDNA-CRs of these five fish species ranged from 923 to 937 bp in length, they(More)
With the rapid development of inspection techniques, more emphases should be placed on the improvement of the reliability, safety and intelligence of the robot system. In this paper, a framework for the patrol robot that automatically finishes complex task and motion planning in the indoor substation is proposed. To realize real-time response to the(More)
Diploid eggs of allotetraploid hybrids (red crucian carp ♀ × common carp ♂), when activated by UV-irradiated sperm of scatter scale carp, can develop into diploid progenies without chromosome duplication treatment. Diploid progenies produce diploid eggs, which develop into diploid population by the same way. To understand the molecular mechanism underlying(More)
Crossing the cyprinids diploid blunt snout bream Megalobrama amblycephala (BSB) and Carassius auratus red var. (RCC) generated sterile triploid (3nRB) and fertile tetraploid (4nRB) hybrid offspring. Utilizing inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) of transposon Tdr1 from Danio rerio as PCR primer, the results showed that evident change in the number of Tc1-like(More)
Dmc1 (disrupted meiotic cDNA) is a functionally specific gene, which was firstly discovered in yeast and then found to encode a protein required for homologous chromosome synapsis during the process of meiosis. In this investigation, we cloned the partial cDNAs of Dmc1 of diploid red crucian carp, Japanese crucian carp, common carp, triploid crucian carp(More)
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