Liangchen Zhou

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From current study on buffer generation method, we find the research on buffer generation method in special shapes is insufficient. This paper is a research on the general buffer generation and the specific buffer generation method of point, line and area, and finally presents a complete buffer generation method based on the Minkowski sum. Generally,(More)
Virtual geographic environment (VGE) aims to express the real-world naturally, and support the complex geographic analysis. The data environment, fundamental of VGE, is expected to support the data management, analysis, sharing and application requirements of the massive complex geographic spatio-temporal data. In this paper, we summarized the key problems(More)
By studying on the existing theories and methods of database quality control, the characteristics of urban engineering geological database are analyzed, and the topological consistency of spatial data and the logical consistency of attribute data are excavated. By means of introducing the knowledge and experience of experts, the knowledge association rules(More)
In this paper, we proposed signal reconstructing least-square (SRLS) technique for estimating the chirp rate and initial frequency of chirp signal. The technique is simplicity, accuracy, and ease of on-line or off-line implementation. At low input signal-to-noise ratio, the estimates are unbiased and achieve Cramer- Rao bound (CRB). Simulation demonstrated(More)
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