LiangJin Xue

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— An improved defected ground structure (DGS) with compensated microstrip line is investigated for lowpass filter (LPF) applications. With this structure, the basic resonant element exhibits the elliptic-function lowpass responses. The use of introduced resonant elements allows sharp cutoff frequency response and high harmonic suppressions together with(More)
—High-power continuous-wave (CW) single-longitudinal-mode emission at 3.64 m is obtained from an optically pumped distributed-feedback (DFB) laser. The Bragg stopband and two degenerate DFB modes are observed at certain pump powers. The laser incorporates 14 InAs–InGaSb–InAs type-II quantum wells imbedded in an InGaAsSb waveguide. The index-coupled 1-D(More)
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