Liang-xin Ding

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Low cost, high activity, and long-term durability are the main requirements for commercializing fuel cell electrocatalysts. Despite tremendous efforts, developing non-Pt anode electrocatalysts with high activity and long-term durability at low cost remains a significant technical challenge. Here we report a new type of hybrid Pd/PANI/Pd sandwich-structured(More)
We demonstrate the design and fabrication of novel nanoarchitectures of MnO(2)/Mn/MnO(2) sandwich-like nanotube arrays for supercapacitors. The crystalline metal Mn layers in the MnO(2)/Mn/MnO(2) sandwich-like nanotubes uniquely serve as highly conductive cores to support the redox active two-double MnO(2) shells with a highly electrolytic accessible(More)
Porous Pt-Ni-P composite nanotube arrays (NTAs) on a conductive substrate in good solid contact are successfully synthesized via template-assisted electrodeposition and show high electrochemical activity and long-term stability for methanol electrooxidation. Hollow nanotubular structures, porous nanostructures, and synergistic electronic effects of various(More)
Here we explored a novel ZnO nanorod array template-assisted electrodeposition route to synthesize large-scale single-walled polypyrrole (PPy) nanotube arrays (NTAs) and multi-walled MnO(2)/PPy/MnO(2) NTAs. The structures of nanotubes, such as external and inner diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths, can be well controlled by adjusting the diameters and(More)
Perovskites show excellent specific catalytic activity toward both oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline solutions; however, small surface areas of the perovskites synthesized by traditional sol-gel methods lead to low utilization of catalytic sites, which gives rise to poor Li-O2 batteries performance and restricts(More)
Bimetallic core-shell nanostructures are emerging as more important materials than monometallic nanostructures, and have much more interesting potential applications in various fields, including catalysis and electronics. In this work, we demonstrate the facile synthesis of core-shell nanotube array catalysts consisting of Pt thin layers as the shells and(More)
Nitrogen-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes (N-BCNTs) were synthesised using a facile one-step pyrolysis process. Due to their unique one-dimensional hollow structure and intrinsic high nitrogen content, N-BCNTs exhibit high capacity, superior rate capability, and excellent cycle stability and are, thus, promising anode materials for sodium-ion batteries.
Hybrid electrocatalysts with excellent electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen reduction are fabricated using an efficient and facile electrochemical route. The electronic and synergistic effects between Co(OH)2 and polyaniline (PANI) in the composite structure are the key factors that generate the high electrocatalytic activity and excellent stability. A(More)
Freestanding and highly compressible nitrogen-doped carbon foam (NCF) with excellent hydrophilicity and good electrochemical properties is prepared. Based on NCF electrodes, a high-performance all solid-state symmetric supercapacitor device is fabricated with native, full compressibility, and excellent mechanical stability, addressing two major problems in(More)
Hierarchical alloy nanosheet dendrites (ANSDs) are highly favorable for superior catalytic performance and efficient utilization of catalyst because of the special characteristics of alloys, nanosheets, and dendritic nanostructures. In this paper, we demonstrate for the first time a facile and efficient electrodeposition approach for the controllable(More)