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In recent years, the rapid increase in the market for hybrid electric vehicles has generated great demand for low-cost, high-volume, high-temperature power converters that can work in harsh environment (temperature ≥ 150°C) conditions. Most of the commercially available power semiconductor devices and associated control electronics are rated for maximum of(More)
To investigate the influence of the Morin transition on the photoelectrochemical (PEC) activity of hematite, electronic properties in different magnetic phases were studied on the basis of the first-principles calculations within the GGA+U approximation. The results show that the effective electron mass in the (0001) plane changes remarkably due to the(More)
Two new ternary compounds in the TiO2-TiC system, Ti5C2O6 and Ti3C2O2, are reported for the first time based on ab initio evolutionary algorithm. Ti5C2O6 has a tube-structure in which sp(1) hybridized carbon chains run through the lattice along the b-axis; while in the Ti3C2O2 lattice, double TiO6 polyhedral are separated by the non-coplanar sp(2)(More)
In recent years, increasing demand for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) has generated the need for reliable and low-cost high-temperature electronics which can operate at the high temperatures under the hood of these vehicles. A high-voltage and high temperature gate-driver integrated circuit for SiC FET switches with short circuit protection has been(More)
The rapid growth of the hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) has been driving the demand of high temperature automotive electronics target for the engine compartment, power train, and brakes where the ambient temperature normally exceeds 150°C. An operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) is an essential building block of various analog circuits such as data(More)
The fundamental theory of crystal twinning has been long established, leading to a significant advance in understanding the nature of this physical phenomenon. However, there remains a substantial gap between the elaborate theory and the practical determination of twinning elements. This paper proposes a direct and simple method – valid for any crystal(More)
A medium Mn steel has been designed to achieve an excellent combination of strength and ductility based on the TRIP (Transformation Induced Plasticity) concept for automotive applications. Following six passes of hot rolling at 850 °C, the Fe-7.9Mn-0.14Si-0.05Al-0.07C (wt.%) steel was warm-rolled at 630 °C for seven passes and subsequently air cooled to(More)