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PURPOSE This study was carried out to estimate the allele and genotype frequencies of common variants in the CYP3A4, CYP2C19, and CYP2D6 in the Han, Uighur, Hui, and Mongolian Chinese populations and compare genetic polymorphisms difference between the Han and minority Chinese ethnicities. METHODS We evaluated 672 unrelated, healthy Chinese volunteers(More)
Implantable sensors for continuous glucose monitoring hold great potential for optimal diabetes management. This is often undermined by a variety of issues associated with: (1) negative tissue response; (2) poor sensor performance; and (3) lack of device miniaturization needed to reduce implantation trauma. Herein, we report our initial results towards(More)
Nanoscale gaps in noble metal films can produce intense electromagnetic enhancement. When Raman-active molecules are positioned in these regions, their surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) signals can be dramatically enhanced. However, the lack of convenient and reliable fabrication methods with ultrasmall nanogaps (<10 nm) severely block the(More)
Two new ternary compounds in the TiO2-TiC system, Ti5C2O6 and Ti3C2O2, are reported for the first time based on ab initio evolutionary algorithm. Ti5C2O6 has a tube-structure in which sp(1) hybridized carbon chains run through the lattice along the b-axis; while in the Ti3C2O2 lattice, double TiO6 polyhedral are separated by the non-coplanar sp(2)(More)
In this paper, an enzyme-free amperometric electrochemical sensor was fabricated by casting Nafion-impregnated Cu(2)O particles onto a glassy carbon electrode. A dual dependence of peak current on sweeping rate, which can be attributed for the accumulation of reaction products, was observed on the sensor. Electrochemical analysis of the particulate Cu(2)O(More)
In recent years, the rapid increase in the market for hybrid electric vehicles has generated great demand for lowcost, high-volume, high-temperature power converters that can work in harsh environment (temperature ≥ 150°C) conditions. Most of the commercially available power semiconductor devices and associated control electronics are rated for maximum of(More)