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  • Liang Zhaohui
  • 2007 Second International Conference on Systems…
  • 2007
Ultra wideband impulse radio (UWB-IR) is a highly promising physical layer technology for wireless sensor network (WSN) due to its unique characteristics such as low power transmission, low cost and low complexity transceiver circuitry. In this paper, a novel method for high data rate transmissions in ultra wideband (UWB) communications is proposed. It(More)
Balance of payments is one of the main economic goals for an open economy. This paper uses the unit root test, co-integration test and VAR model to make an empirical analysis on the relationship between China’s current account, capital account and GDP from 1982 to 2009. The results showed that the co-integration relationship between the current(More)
Ultra wideband (UWB) information is transmitted by a very short pulse which covers an extremely wide spectrum bandwidth. To avoid interference, pulse waveform design plays an important role in the UWB wireless systems. In this paper, an optimal pulse design method is proposed by using wavelet function in order to achieve optimal spectrum utilization,(More)
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