Liang Ze Wong

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Sensor networks are increasingly being used to provide timely information about the physical, urban and human environment. Algorithms that depend on sensor data often assume that the readings are complete. However, node failures or communication breakdowns result in missing data entries, preventing the use of such algorithms. To impute these missing values,(More)
We consider the distributed allocation of spectrum in a heterogeneous wireless network. We model this as a noncooperative game, where multiple players decide which channels to transmit on. When co-channel interference between players is symmetric and channel utilities are additive, we define a generalized ordinal potential function for the game which is(More)
It is a standard fact of linear algebra that all bases of a vector space have the same cardinality, namely the dimension of the vector space over its base field. If we treat a vector space as an additive abelian group, then this is equivalent to saying that an irredundant generating set for a vector space must have cardinality equal to the dimension of the(More)
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