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Traditional image acquisition system has the faults of complex, bulky and inconvenient to carry. The embedded image processing system integrates all the functions of image capturing, displaying and processing as well as takes the advantages of small size and low power consumption. According to the need of modern security monitoring system, a kind of image(More)
Network security situational awareness system (NSSAS) is one of the hotspots in information security domain. In order to solve the problem of NSSAS security situation information acquisition, it is highly necessary to study security sensors. On the basis of knowing the information requirement of NSSAS, we put forward a kind of classification method of(More)
Restart tree is the groundwork for microreboot and recursive recovery, while optimization of restart tree is a key problem in increasing efficiency of recursive recovery. Based on the research of related works, the optimization principle of restart tree is analyzed and a novel approach is proposed for optimizing restart tree. In this approach, mean failure(More)
Attacks are evolving towards exploiting network services' or applications' vulnerabilities, which results in more and more focus on security of distributed mission-critical system whose aim is to satisfy users' service requirements. According to the resource dependencies in networked system, a hierarchical security situational evaluation metric model (SHL(More)
It's urgently necessary for many mission-critical systems with high availability to implement online updating, fault recovery and environmental adaptability of software. Therefore, the idea of mission hot-swapping is proposed, in which, related problems and key technologies of mission component's dynamic replacement is analyzed. A dynamic replacement(More)
Automatic and fast recovery from failure is the important way of guaranteeing high availability for distributed application systems. On the base of microreboot techniques and autonomic computing ideas, key issues of realizing self-recovery for distributed application are analyzed in this paper, and then a novel model of self-recovery for distributed(More)
Stochastic game theory is proposed to apply in the research on network security situational awareness (NSSA), which is a research focus in network security field at present. A novel dynamic awareness method of network security situation (NSS) based on analyses of network service states is proposed in this paper. Realizing situation awareness is a dynamic(More)
BL-algebras are basic logic algebras from which logic algebras based on continuous t-norms can be derived, but BL-algebras do not contain the well-known NM-algebras that have been proposed by professor F.Esteva and L.Godo. In the present paper a new kind of logic algebra, WMV-algebra, is introduced that contains both the BL-algebras and NM-algebras.(More)
In enterprise information systems and e-government systems, the problems caused by the changes of heterogeneous distributed resources and requirements are becoming more and more serious. How to make an application accommodate to these changes rapidly has become a hot research topic. This paper presents an adaptive service-oriented software framework, named(More)
In this paper, we conduct research on the design of applications for sports information management platform based on B/S architecture. Resource management is mainly to digitize all kinds of information about the sports events, scientific analysis by computer, and further to generate statistical reports and statistical charts. In the resource management(More)
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