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A body of research has demonstrated age-related slowing on tasks that emphasize cognitive control, such as task switching. However, little is known about the neural mechanisms that contribute to this age-related slowing. To address this issue, the present study used both fMRI and DTI in combination with a standard task switching paradigm. Results from the(More)
The Orientation Distribution Function (ODF) is used to describe the directionality of multimodal diffusion in regions with complex fiber architecture present in brain and other biological tissues. In this study, an approximation for the ODF of water diffusion from diffusional kurtosis imaging (DKI) is presented. DKI requires only a relatively limited number(More)
Speed of visual word recognition is an important variable affecting linguistic competence. Although speed of visual word recognition varies widely between individuals, the neural basis of reaction time (RT) differences is poorly understood. Recently, a magnetic resonance technique called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has been shown to provide information(More)
The magnetic field correlation (MFC) at an applied field level of 3 Tesla was estimated by means of MRI in several brain regions for 21 healthy human adults and 1 subject with aceruloplasminemia. For healthy subjects, highly elevated MFC values compared with surrounding tissues were found within the basal ganglia. These are argued as being primarily the(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse anatomical characteristics of the pelvic floor in young nulliparous volunteers based on three-dimensional MRI. METHODS Thin-slice MRI was performed in 25 young nulliparous volunteers in Southern Medical University, MRI were imported into Mimics 10.01 for 3D reconstruction.Using 3D models we measured follow indicators: the levator ani(More)
In the present study, the effects of low-molecular-weight organic acids (LMWOAs) on the toxicity of cadmium (Cd) to Eisenia fetida were investigated in a simulated soil solution. The LMWOAs protected E. fetida from Cd toxicity, as indicated by the increased median lethal concentration (LC50) values and the increased activity of superoxide dismutase. In(More)
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