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Even though the temporal information is lost, a still picture of moving animals hints at their motion. In this paper, we infer motion cycle of animals from the "motion snapshots" (snapshots of different individuals) captured in a still picture. By finding the motion path in the graph connecting motion snapshots, we can infer the order of motion snapshots(More)
In this paper, we present an example-based colorization technique robust to illumination differences between grayscale target and color reference images. To achieve this goal, our method performs color transfer in an illumination-independent domain that is relatively free of shadows and highlights. It first recovers an illumination-independent <i>intrinsic(More)
Compared to still image editing, content-based video editing faces the additional challenges of maintaining the spatiotemporal consistency with respect to geometry. This brings up difficulties of seamlessly modifying video content, for instance, inserting or removing an object. In this paper, we present a new video editing system for creating(More)
Previous methods in environment map sampling seldom consider a sequence of dynamic environment maps. The generated sampling patterns of the sequence may not maintain the temporal illumination consistency and result in choppy animation. In this paper, we propose a novel approach, spherical Q<sup>2</sup>-tree, to address this consistency problem. The local(More)
Environment sampling is a popular technique for rendering scenes with distant environment illumination. However, the temporal consistency of animations synthesized under dynamic environment sequences has not been fully studied. This paper addresses this problem and proposes a novel method, namely spatiotemporal sampling, to fully exploit both the temporal(More)
This paper presents a novel and effective approach to synthesize English handwriting in the user's writing style. We select the most important features that depict the handwriting style, including character glyph, size, slant, and pressure, special connection style, letter spacing, and cursiveness. The features can be efficiently computed with the aid of(More)
This paper proposes a novel six-face spherical map, isocube, that fully utilizes the cubemap hardware built in most GPUs. Unlike the cubemap, the proposed isocube uniformly samples the unit sphere (uniformly distributed), and all samples span the same solid angle (equally important). Its mapping computation contains only a small overhead. By feeding the(More)
The existing signature verification systems usually train classifiers for a new user by both his/her genuine and forgery signatures. Obviously, the requirement of forgery signatures is impractical. This paper presents an off-line signature verification system that only requires the genuine signatures of a new user. At the training stage the system learns(More)